About Education

The Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications is particularly active in the higher education landscape, maintaining strong ties with national and foreign Universities, participating in national cross-institutional MSc programs, establishing PhD scholarships programs with foreign Universities, organising training courses, summer schools. IIT is strongly committed to supporting Education in all its facets.

Education aspects in IIT are strategically planned and managed by a dedicated Education Committee, in collaboration with the Director and Scientific Council of IIT and with administrative support from IIT secretariat.
The Committee has three members:

  • Dr Dimitris Kyriazanos, IIT’s Education Officer and Committee chairman, member of NCSRD’s Education Council (EduC)
  • Dr Nikolaos Dimitriou, Deputy Education Officer, Division of Telecommunications and Networks liaison and deputy member of the EduC
  • Dr George Giannakopoulos, Deputy Education Officer, Division of Intelligent Information Systems liaison and deputy member of the EduC

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