About Innovation

IIT fully embraces and adapts to the significant developments in the management of innovation-centred research at European level and the changes in the financial and business status of the country. At IIT we work towards making the most of new opportunities stemming from the emergence of Digital Innovation Hubs as a major catalyst for connecting Research with the Industry, the increased demand from start-ups and emerging enterprises for advanced technologies, and the need to provide solutions for critical sectors of the country.

In this new landscape, the Institute initiated major activities and participated in critical actions pertaining to its key strategic aims for the Innovation pillar:

  • it strengthened the service portfolio of the ahedd Digital Innovation Hub;
  • it moved forward with the vision of the expansive Smart Campus within NCSR-D, while strengthening its ties with large enterprises;
  • it intensified the actions of the NCSR-D eGovernance office;
  • it continued to design and implement innovative projects closely related to innovation, such as the House of Classical Greek Ideas;
  • and it promoted its fertile synergy with innovative companies of the Lefkippos Technology Park and beyond.

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