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IIT carries a substantial competitive advantage as its history provides a strong head start in areas of continuously growing interest, namely Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and 5G and beyond networks. Moreover, the multidisciplinary nature of NCSR-D Institutes offers additional opportunities for advancing research in the respective domains (health, energy, materials, culture, environment, etc.) via cross-pollination and application in different sectors.

To build on its advantages and serve its multifaceted mission, IIT puts its scientific directions under a broader framework that incorporates three major strategic pillars, Research, Innovation and Education, according to the IIT strategic plan since February 2019.

The Research pillar is naturally the driving factor for the Institute’s overall operations, with its main objective being the pursuit of Research Excellence.

According to the IIT Strategic Plan, the main strategic goals for the Research pillar of the Institute are:

  1. To increase the number and impact of the Institute’s scientific outcomes
  2. To increase Institute revenue from R&D projects

and the directions proposed to achieve these goals are:

  1. To foster synergies between the Institute’s laboratories
  2. To extend already established synergies with other NCSR-D Institutes
  3. To foster long-term research collaborations with other organisations
  4. To focus research on specific, promising areas and fields
  5. To increase the extroversion of the Institute

Following these directions, we are focusing our efforts on concrete fields and directions, summarised below:

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