IIT was a W3C member

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NCSR, through its IIT-SKEL Lab, was a key contributor in the Working Group (WG) that prepared the Protocol for Web Description Resource (POWDER, 2007-2009) and the Content Label Incubator Group (2006) that preceded it. POWDER has superseded PICS as the recommended method for describing Web sites and building applications that act on such descriptions. Phil Archer, who chaired the WG, was affiliated to NCSR for part of his cast as Chair. Besides actively participating in the WG, members affiliated to NCSR contributed the POWDER Formal Semantics Recommendation and relevant RDF vocabulary, the Test Cases, and reference implementations.

IIT-SKEL researchers also participated in the Government Linked Data WG (2011-2014) that prepared recommendations and vocabularies for publishing government data and in the e-Government Interest Group (2011-2013). Also in the on-going Locations and Addresses Community Group.

IIT-SKEL researchers are currently actively involved in the CSV on the Web Working Group (2014-2015), mandated to provide technologies whereby data dependent applications on the Web can provide higher interoperability when working with datasets using the CSV (Comma-Separated Values) or similar formats.

NCSR, through IIT-SKEL, was also involved in the Internationalization Activity, and more specifically in the MultilingualWeb-Language Technology Working Group. MWLT was closed in January 2014, after having successfully published the Internationalization Tag Set 2.0 specification as a Recommendation. IIT-SKEL was then involved in the Linked Data for Language Technology Community Group.

Researchers from the IIT-DIGICOM Lab, participated in the Web and TV Interest Group which aimed at studying and possible standardising web technologies for use in interactive TV contexts. DIGIMOS researchers participated in the relevant workshop (Berlin, 8-9 Feb 2011). In the context of Web & TV IG, a DIGICOM researcher was member of the Home Networking Task Force and of the Media Pipeline Task Force.

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