CIL publications

Number of publications: 314

  • D. M. Kyriazanos, K. G. Thanos, S. C. A. Thomopoulos, "Automated Decision Making in Airport Checkpoints: Bias Detection Toward Smarter Security and Fairness", IEEE Security Privacy, v. 17, pp. 8-16, (ISSN 1540-7993), (abstract), (PDF),
  • Emmanuel Bratsolis, Antigoni Panagiotopoulou, Marianthi Stefouli, Eleni Charou, Nicholas Madamopoulos, and Stavros Perantonis, "Comparison of Optimized Mathematical Methods in the Improvement of Raster Data and Map Display Resolution of SENTINEL-2 Images ", v. 1, pp. 1-5, (abstract), (ICIP), (pdf),
  • Sotirios Gyftakis, Ioanna Koromila, Theodore Giannakopoulos, Zoe Nivolianitou, Eleni Charou and Stavros Perantonis, "Decision Support Tool Employing Bayesian Risk Framework for Environmentally Safe Shipping", Modeling, Computing and Data Handling Methodologies for Maritime Transportation, Springer, Eds: Charalampos Konstantopoulos Grammati Pantziou, Intelligent Systems Reference Library, v. 131, pp. 117-142, (ISBN 978-3-319-61800-5), (abstract),
  • M Stefouli , C Hadjigeorgiou , E Charou and A Panagiotopoulou , "Optimization of Sentinel 2 data for supporting geological mapping and monitoring of mining areas", pp. 97-100, (abstract), (pdf),
  • Antigoni Panagiotopoulou; Emmanuel Bratsolis; Eleni Charou; Stavros Perantonis; , "Building block extraction and classification by means of aerial images fused with super-resolution reconstructed elevation data", Journal of Applied Remote Sensing, v. 11, pp. 11-11, (abstract), (JARS-Buildings), (pdf),
  • Papakostas, M., Siantikos, G., Giannakopoulos, T., Spyrou, E., & Sgouropoulos, D. , "Recognizing Emotional States Using Speech Information", GeNeDis 2016, Springer, Cham, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology (AEMB), v. 989, pp. 155-164, (ISBN 978-3-319-57348-9 (online) & 978-3-319-57347-2 (print)), (abstract),
  • Spyrou, E., Giannakopoulos, T., Sgouropoulos, D. & Papakostas, M. , "Extracting emotions from speech using a bag-of-visual-words approach", IEEE, pp. 80-83,
  • M. Stefouli, E. Charou, P. Krasakis and S. Gyftakis, "Earth Observation Techniques for the Geo-Environment of the cities of Igoumenitsa and Volos, Greece.", (abstract), (urban-geoenv), (pdf),
  • Emmanuel Bratsolis, Eleni Charou, Theocharis Tsenoglou and Nikolaos Vassilas, "Automated Building Block Extraction and Building Density Classification Using Aerial Imagery and LiDAR Data", Journal of Earth Science and Engineering, v. 6, pp. 1-9, (ISSN 2159-581X), (abstract), (JEASE), (pdf),
  • E. Bratsolis, M. Sigelle and E. Charou , "Building Block Extraction and Classification by means of Markov Random Fields using Aerial Imagery and LiDAR Data", (abstract), (SPIE2016),

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