string(13) "dissertations"
  • web scraping, web services, computer science, good programming skills (Java/Python)
  • natural language processing, automatic summarization, natural language generation
  • George Giannakopoulos
  • ggianna [at]
  • The AI Lab


The goals of this project is to parse all user reviews of an online game publishing platform for a particular game, and to produce a human-readable summary. Beyond standard methods for evaluating the consistency or readability of the summaries, comparisons of summaries of different games (e.g. within the same genre, in different genres, between games with overwhelmingly positive or overwhelmingly negative reviews). The project can be further expanded by producing summaries of user reviews of all games within the same genre (or having the same tags), or by using Steam's built-in game evaluation (e.g. Overwhelmingly Negative) to influence the tone and focus of the review.
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