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  • Practical programming experience in Javascript, Angular, Python
  • Experience with Python-Flask, IoT platforms and service oriented architectures, user experience design
  • Constantine Spyropoulos Charilaos Akasiadis
  • costass [at]
  • The AI Lab


Motivation Recent technological advancements, as well as the adoption of service-oriented (SoA) and everything as a service (EaaS) architectures, set a fertile ground for the rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT). Billions of devices are expected to be interconnected and integrated as (micro-) services, which can be used and re-used by developers making the building and realization of complex applications easier. IoT platforms are necessary to facilitate easy-to-use graphical user interfaces for managing this large number of services, e.g. access rights, execution, etc. What We Offer The Intelligent Software Solutions Lab. (ISS) of the Inst. of Informatics & Telecommunications of NCSR 'Demokritos' has developed a scalable, distributed and cloud-based IoT platform with high-availability, called SYNAISTHISI. SYNAISTHISI follows a service-based architecture where all IoT resources are transformed to interoperable IoT services. Businesses, developers, and users may participate in the ecosystem by producing, consuming and interconnecting the available services, managing to develop their own real time applications and services by reusing digital assets and therefore offering IoT-based services with minimal time to market. ( Your Contribution The intern will be responsible for the extension and the development of graphical user interfaces that will improve the current infrastructure of cloud-based IoT platform SYNAISTHISI regarding the user experience. More specifically, we require the design of additional forms, managing of large lists with information, and visualizations of the related data.
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