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Until 19/11: ten (10) job openings in several ISL research projects

The Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications (IIT) of NCSR «Demokritos» , in the context of implementing the research programs / projects entitled «EU CISE 2020 – European test bed for the maritime Common Information Sharing Environment in the 2020 perspective» (Ε-11904), «EuTravel – Optimodal European Travel Ecosystem» (Ε- 11924), «FLYSEC – Optomising time-to-FLY and enhancing airport SECurity» (Ε-11925), «DOGANA – aDvanced sOcial enGineering And vulNerability Assesment Framework» (E-11938), «Hellennic CISE» (E-11967), «FocusLocus: ADHD manageme

European funded project AF3 in the final review

On the 28th of September 2017, the final review of the AF3 project - Advanced Forest Fire Fighting (FP7 – SECURITY, 607276) took place in Brussels at the Research Executive Agency offices. It was a very successful process where reviewers and Project Officers expressed their warm compliments.

Hellenic Cise: The demondstration of the new SPM system

The demonstration of the new Situational Picture Management (SPM) system, developed by NCSR "Demokritos", took place on the 28th of September in the headquarters of the Hellenic Coast Guard. SPM is one of the results of the “Hellenic CISE” project among the Hellenic Coast Guard, the Hellenic Navy and NCSR "Demokritos" as the technical partner.

Γνώρισε τη μαγεία της έρευνας! Η συμμετοχή του ISL στη Βραδιά του Ερευνητή 2017

«Γνώρισε τη μαγεία της έρευνας!»

Με αυτήν την προτροπή, Ερευνητικά Κέντρα και Ακαδημαϊκοί Οργανισμοί προσκάλεσαν το κοινό για άλλη μια χρονιά στη Βραδιά του Ερευνητή. 300 Ευρωπαϊκές πόλεις , ανάμεσα στις οποίες και 9 ελληνικές , και πάνω από 1.500.000 επισκέπτες συμμετείχαν και φέτος στο μεγάλο αυτό γεγονός. Το Ερευνητικό κέντρο Ε.Κ.Ε.Φ.Ε «Δημόκριτος» συμμετείχε στην εκδήλωση με εκθέματα που φιλοξενήθηκαν στο Κέντρο Πολιτισμού «Ελληνικός Κόσμος» το απόγευμα και το βράδυ της Παρασκευής (29.09).

The Integrated Systems Laboratory at Researchers Night 2017

29.09.2017 Save the date!

For the 12th consecutive year, the Researchers Night will once again invite Athenians and open the doors to the “Hellenic Cosmos” Cultural Center on Friday, September 29th from 17:00-24:00, with free entrance. Taking part for the fourth year, The Integrated Systems Laboratory of the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications of NCSR “Demokritos”, will be there, ready to greet children and adults for this celebration of science and research. The Laboratory’s exhibits and interactive apps will be located on the 1st floor of the building.

4th year of SMARTcamp scientific workshops!

Learning, creativity, Digital Arts and Informatics!

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