Number of internships: 173


  1. Giakoumatos Antonios, 06/06/2018 (University of Piraeus), Elearning: we are supporting using the open source moodle platform the training of physiotherapists (project Profound) in a pan-European level. The student will become familiar of how to create lessons, manage the content, customize the elearning platform (php) and others.
    NCSR Supervisor: Papadopoulos Homer
  2. Kousathanas Nikolaos, 06/06/2018 (University of Piraeus), Web development: We have developed a web based application to assist doctors to take decisions regarding the medical plan of an elderly who had a fall event. The web platform needs testing and further development. The student will work with front/back end web development.
    NCSR Supervisor: Papadopoulos Homer
  3. Fotopoulos Panagiotis, 31/05/2018 (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), Υλοποίηση αλγορίθμων γράφων ν-γραμμάτων σε αρχιτεκτονική παράλληλης εκτέλεσης καρτών γραφικών.
    NCSR Supervisor: Giannakopoulos George
  4. Orfanidi Margarita, 31/05/2018 (National Technical University of Athens), Ανάλυση ηχητικής πληροφορίας για την εκτίμηση της ποιότητας του ηχοτοπίου σε αστικές περιοχές.
    NCSR Supervisor: Giannakopoulos Theodoros
  5. Varsou Panagiota, 31/05/2018 (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), Υλοποίηση υβριδικού συστήματος επικοινωνιών διαχειριζόμενο από τεχνολογία SDN με χρήση τηλεπικοινωνιών ορατού φάσματος και WiFi.
    NCSR Supervisor: Α. Kourtis
  6. Mathas Christos-Minas, 30/04/2018 (University of Peloponnese), Study of penetration testing methods & attack detection in information systems.
    NCSR Supervisor: Xilouris G. & Kourtis A.
  7. Papatheodorou Dimitris, 30/04/2018 (Athens University of Economics), Tracking Communities in Dynamic Graphs with Applications to Social Networks.
    NCSR Supervisor: G. Paliouras & D. Vogiatzis
  8. Christou Ilias, 31/10/2017 (University of Patras), Δημιουργία και συντήρηση αποθετηρίου πολυμεσικού υλικού σχετικά με το tracking κινούμενων ανθρώπων και την αναγνώριση activities of daily living (ADL)
    NCSR Supervisor: Stasinos Konstantopoulos
  9. Kostagiolas Nikos, 10/2017 (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), Study on the structure of chromatin via nucleosome pattern recognition using n-gram graphs
    NCSR Supervisor: G. Giannakopoulos
  10. Ikonomou Katerina - Maria, 30/09/2017 (University of Patras), Αυτόματη πλοήγηση ρομποτικής πλατφόρμας
    NCSR Supervisor: Stasinos Konstantopoulos

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