PhD theses

Number of theses: 74


  1. Katzouris Nikolaos, 31/03/2017 (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), Machine learning logic programs for event recognition
    NCSR Supervisor: George Paliouras
  2. Sagriotis S. , 2016 (National Technical University of Athens), Cross-layer and cross-system optimization in heterogeneous wireless networks
    NCSR Supervisor: Kimon Kontovasilis
  3. Tsolis Aris, 2016 (University of Loughborough, UK), Wearable antennas: Design, Connectivity and Evaluation Measurement Techniques
    NCSR Supervisor: Antonis Alexandridis
  4. Ioannis Manolopoulos, 12/2015 (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), Methodologies for Effective Self-adaptive Decisions in Routing, Signaling, Cooperation, and Other Operations in Diverse Mobile Networks
    NCSR Supervisor: Kimon Kontovasilis, Stelios C.A. Thomopoulos
  5. Kosmopoulos Aris, July 2015 (Athens University of Economics), Large scale hierarchical classification with limited training instances per category
    NCSR Supervisor: George Paliouras
  6. Markakis Evaggelos, 2014 (University of Aegean), Peer to peer constellations in broadcasting environments
    NCSR Supervisor: Anastasios Kourtis
  7. Skarlatidis Anastasios, October 2014 (University of Aegean), Event Recognition Under Uncertainty and Incomplete Data
    NCSR Supervisor: George Paliouras
  8. Zamkotsian O. Martin, October 2014 (National Technical University of Athens), Hierarchical Modulation and Spatial Modulation Schemes under Generalized Fading Propagation Environments
    NCSR Supervisor: Fotis Lazarakis
  9. Segkou Olga, October 2014 (National Technical University of Athens), Location-Based Services in Indoor Environments
    NCSR Supervisor: Stelios Thomopoulos
  10. Galatas George, December 2013 (University of Texas at Arlington, US), Multimodal interaction in ambient intelligence environments using speech, localization and robotics
    NCSR Supervisor: George Potamianos

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