Department of Computer Science at the University of Houston (UH), USA

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The University of Houston Department of Computer Science has 24 Faculty members. Selected members of the faculty have received the NSF Career award, served as president of the IEEE Computer Society, or served on the Board of the Computer Research Association. The department is committed to offering a stimulating program with strong emphasis on high quality, state of the art education and research in the highly diverse and cosmopolitan environment that the University of Houston and the city of Houston provide. Research in the Computational Biomedicine Laboratory is motivated by fundamental open problems in image analysis, machine learning, computer vision, pattern recognition and data mining with an emphasis on applications that address some of society's greatest challenges. The lab fosters innovative collaborations with other institutions, creates transferable technology, and disseminates results to scientific and medical communities and the general public.

The ideal candidate should be able to demonstrate leadership abilities and at the same time work effectively as part of a larger team. In addition, the student is expected to take initiatives on a daily basis and to conduct research independently. The graduation standards are high, so each student is expected to be hardworking, well organized, passionate, responsible, honest, enthusiastic and ambitious. Even though the performance of each student is evaluated by the work produced and not by the number of hours spent, the students are expected to be highly committed to their research and studies.

UHouston Faculty

Prof. Ioannis Kakadiaris
(Biomedical Image Analysis; Computational Biomedicine; Biometrics)

NCSR Researchers

Dr. Georgios Paliouras

Dr. Stavros Perantonis

New students

Giannoulis Giorgos

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