Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), USA

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The University of Texas at Arlington has a very strong Computer Science and Engineering Department (CSE) ( which includes 27 tenure track faculty, 12 lecturers, 100 Ph.D. Students and a total of over 950 Graduate and Undergraduate students. The CSE department is one of 7 in the College of Engineering. Its faculty are very active in research and there are over 15 laboratories. It is housed in a new building and has many interdisciplinary projects. New efforts are in applications dealing with healthcare, energy, security and manufacturing. The CSE faculty are very interested in recruiting high quality students that represent different parts of the world, including Europe. Admitted students receive high stipend support and have their tuition covered. They are expected to be aggressive in research that is both deep theoretically and also has compelling application in solving real world problems. The department is actively recruiting in students with computer vision, embedded systems, graphics, signal processing and assistive technologies interests.

The department has had the oldest and very successful joint Ph.D. with NCSR-Demokritos. Three of the students will be graduating soon. This program has offered the Demokritos Fellows dual advising and double the opportunity to publish. It has benefited both the UTA and the NCSR supervisors. Jointly with NCSR, UTA sponsors the annual Petra conference (, as well as an exciting study abroad program on the island of Samos where the students apply computer technologies to solve environmental problems.

UTA Faculty

Prof. Filia Makedon
(assistive environments, Bioinformatics, Pervasive Computing, Cybersecurity, Human and Computer Interaction, Sensor Networks, Image Processing.)

Prof. Vassilis Athitsos
(computer vision, machine learning, data mining)

Prof. Heng Huang
(Bioinformatics, Intelligent systems, Data mining, Computer vision)

Dr. Vangelis Metsis
(Machine Learning, Bioinformatics, Intelligent Systems, Computer Vision)

NCSR Researchers

Dr. Vangelis Karkaletsis

Dr. Gerasimos Potamianos

Dr. Stavros Perantonis


Alexandros Papangelis
(Adaptive Dialogue Systems, Assistive Environments, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence)

Pavlos Doliotis
(Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Human Computer Interaction)

Georgios Galatas
(Multi-person localization, multi-modal speech recognition, computer vision, digital image processing)

New students

Tsiakas Konstantinos
Lioulemes Alexandros

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