TiReD at IEEE EuroCon 2013

The Media-Networks Laboratory designed and created the "TiReD": a Traffic and Resource Distribution Algorithm which attempts to calculate and establish optimal paths over heterogenous networks. TiReD is a relatively simple and fast method for virtual network planning, able to map several demands over complex infrastructures within minutes, addressing the issue of virtual network service provision and Traffic Engineering requirements fulfillment.

Διαχείριση Ψηφιακού Περιεχομένου στο Επιχειρησιακό Περιβάλλον

Με ομιλία με τίτλο "Διαχείριση Ψηφιακού Περιεχομένου στο Επιχειρησιακό Περιβάλλον" (Management of Digital Contet in Business Environments) συμμετείχε ο Δ/ντής του Ινστιτούτου Πληροφορικής και Τηλεπικοινωνιών Κ. Σπυρόπουλος σε ημερίδα που συνδιοργάνωσαν η Ένωση Ελληνικών Τραπεζών και το ΙΟΒΕ, σε συνεργασία με το ΕΚΕΦΕ «Δημόκριτος», το ΕΚΤ και την Τράπεζα Πειραιώς.

18-20 September 2012: CIL presented one paper and the results of two contests at ICFHR 2012

Computational Intelligence Laboratory (CIL) presented one paper and the results of two contests in the 13th International Conference on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition (ICFHR 2012), held in Bari, Italy. The paper was entitled "Handwritten and Machine Printed Text Separation in Document Images using the Bag of Visual Words Paradigm".

MNL Introduces the Network Cost Concept in FIArch Workshop

Media Networks Laboratory (MNL) presented a position paper entitled "Network Cost Services for Network-Aware FI Applications" in FIArch Workshop on "Internet Architectural Research: Projects Results and Gap Analysis", Brussels 27 Sept. 2012. The position paper was based on the idea of Network Distance and Active Network Monitoring framework as introduced in the FP7 European Project ICT-ALICANTE.

5 December: final Demonstration for the DITSEF Project

The final demonstration for the DITSEF project ( took place on December 5th 2012 in Montana, Bulgaria. The Enhanced Location Estimation and Centralized Tracking (ELECTRA) System, developed by the Integrated Systems Laboratory (ISL) was successfully deployed and demonstrated in two locations, namely the "NeoChim" chemical plant and the mock "International Hotel".

7 November: BioASQ project was presented at IBM Watson/ USA

George Paliouras presented BioASQ project at the DeepQA team of the IBM Watson Research Center, in Yorktownh Heights, NY.

3 November: BioASQ project presented at the AAAI Fall Symposium on Information Retrieval and Knowledge Discovery in Biomedical Text

BioASQ was presented at the AAAI Fall Symposium on Information Retrieval and Knowledge Discovery in Biomedical Text, which took place in Arlington, Virginia, USA.

13-16 December: IIT participates in the Science and Technology Festival 2012

Για μια ακόμη χρονιά, ο Εθνικό Ίδρυμα Ερευνών (ΕΙΕ) θα φιλοξενήσει το Φεστιβάλ Επιστήμης και Τεχνολογίας από τις 13 έως τις 16 Δεκεμβρίου και σε συνεργασία με το ΕΚΕΦΕ «Δημόκριτος», το Ινστιτούτο ΕΠΙΣΕΥ του ΕΜΠ και το Βρετανικό Συμβούλιο, θα μυήσει μικρούς και μεγάλους στα μυστικά των επιστημονικών και τεχνολογικών επιτευγμάτων.

Έλληνες και ξένοι επιστήμονες και ερευνητές θα μιλήσουν για τις τεχνολογίες αιχμής, ενώ ειδικοί της επικοινωνίας της επιστήμης θα αναδείξουν τη σύνδεση επιστήμης και κοινωνίας.

NOMAD Focus Group in the Hellenic Parliament

NOMAD aims to exploit the vast amount of information and insights available throughout Web 2.0 content and introduce it in multiple stages of the policy-making lifecycle to support the definition of the political agenda, the creation, the implementation and the monitoring of policy proposals. To this end, NOMAD will provide decision-makers with automated solutions for content search, selection, acquisition, categorization and visualisation that work in a collaborative form in the policy-making arena.

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