SKEL | The AI Lab

The SKEL The AI Lab was founded in 1989 by Constantine D. Spyropoulos, as Software & Knowledge Engineering Lab, focusing since then on content analysis and intelligent human-computer interaction exploiting and advancing Artificial Intelligence methods and tools. Currently, SKEL is one of the largest research labs in NCSR-D and nationally, with more than 40 researchers, organised in 6 research groups.  

The continuously growing interest in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, provides a tremendous competitive advantage to the Lab. Along with our participation as coordinators or core partners in big H2020 projects like IASIS, DARE, INFORE, ExtremeEarth, BigMedilytics, RADIO, BigDataEurope (View all ongoing SKEL Research Projects), we are also participating in new major relevant initiatives for European and national projects (AI4EU, IS-ENES3, Hellenic Network for Precision Medicine, and others).

SKEL researchers aim to establish the Lab as a reference point, not only for its technologies, but also for their applications in selected domains, exploiting the expertise and multidisciplinary nature of NCSR “Demokritos”.

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