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An overview of NOMAD architecture and technologies was presented by Dr. Karkaletsis during the Samos Summit on Open Data and Interoperability for Governance, Industry and Society.
Published at: 04/09/2012 - 15:28
On 14th of June 2012, the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications hosted the Annual Meeting of the Advisory Board of the Greek Awareness Centre The overall theme of the meeting was the following: "Rights and obligations within the online world".
Published at: 04/09/2012 - 15:18
A Tutorial on 'Complex Event Processing' presented on 30 May 2012, by IIT researchers, during the 7th Hellenic Conference on Artificial Intelligence SETN 2012.
Published at: 04/09/2012 - 14:45
This tutorial provided a detailed introduction to the research area of ontology evolution. After a short introduction to the problem of ontology evolution and the presentation of the current state of the art (Part I), the tutorial presented in detail the ontology learning approach that was...
Published at: 04/09/2012 - 14:42
The PETRA Conference brings together different types of technology to address an important social and healthcare issue: as the world's population ages, there is growing interest in solutions for the in- home care of the elderly as well as for the care of people with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and...
Published at: 04/09/2012 - 14:29
Multi Agent Systems are used more and more to solve previously intractable problems, and are the natural choice for implementing a message passing algorithm. In this thesis a max sum decentralized coordination algorithm [1] is implemented using the JADE Multi Agent framework in Java. This model is...
Published at: 30/08/2012 - 13:34
A car-pool is the concept of people sharing a vehicle for a ride when their departure and destination locations are similar. Taxi pool is a mode of transport that falls between private transport and conventional bus transport. The routes are fixed or semi-fixed, but with the added convenience of...
Published at: 30/08/2012 - 13:34
Many studies in biomedical research collect clinical information on patients in order to associate it with the experimental results on the tissue samples. The criteria upon which the type of clinical information is collected and the experiments are designed tend to depend only on the clinicians’...
Published at: 30/08/2012 - 13:34
We identify a number of common issues in open systems based on ad hoc networks, for applications such as computer-mediated communication, vehicular networks, and virtual organizations. These issues appear to require some form of self-directed (organized) adaptation based on organizational...
Published at: 30/08/2012 - 13:34
The work herein reports on research conducted in the domain of Ontology Learning from text collections, without background or prior knowledge. The research focuses on the automated construction of a subsumption hierarchy from text corpora using machine learning methods. Within this work, we define...
Published at: 30/08/2012 - 13:34

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