When it comes to the exploitation of research results, IIT greatly invests in providing specialized technological services and products to the wider public as well as companies in the domains of data analytics, document image analysis and antenna characterization measurements amongst others. A comprehensive list is available below:

Document Intelligence Services:

  • Document Intelligence Center of Excellence: IIT, NCSR Demokritos and EY have recently announced a globally pioneering cooperation in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector, in the field of document intelligence, with the creation of the AI Center of Excellence at Demokritos in cooperation with EY.
  • Document image analysis: tools for page segmentation and binarization integrated to the Transkribus platform; tools for pre-processing, segmentation and word spotting provided through the channel of the Impact Centre of Competence; business document image analysis tools for the recognition of invoices and receipts integrated at the purebils company platform; services for the recognition of receipt images for the TPG rewards company; services for the analysis of the characteristics of the handwriting for the NeuroScript, LLC company; services for historical document image analysis for the University Innsbruck, Department for German Language and Literature
  • Text analysis for the Greek language (classification, named entity recognition, opinion mining), a service that was integrated with IBM Watson services.
  • Multi-document, multi-source and multilingual document summarization which is exploited in NewSum.

Antenna characterization measurements: provision of specialized technological services related to antenna design, prototyping and antenna characterization measurements. Measurements take place in the RF shielded Anechoic Chamber of the Institute. These services are directed both to the academic/research area and the market activated in the design, development, test and support of all types of wireless networks (mobile telephony, radio, WiFi, etc.).

Consultation services:

  • ISLab provides regular consultation services (annual contract) to the National Organisation for Medicines on issues related to network security and resiliency. ISLab collaborates also with startups MIST.IO and DEVOQ Technologies, consulting on opensource cloud platforms, Internet Security and SDN/SDDC.
  • ISL delivered a first implementation of Risk Based Security Proof of Concept in an operational airport environment in compliance with the IATA/ACI Smart Security recommendations.
  • ISL also had key involvement in the implementation of the Common Information Sharing Environment implementation (CISE), enabling cross-border and cross-sector exchange of information in the context of integrated European Maritime Security. As a result, the CISE compliant OCULUS SEA C2 platform was developed, deployed, tested and optimized, with the participation of the Hellenic Coast Guard and the Hellenic Ministry of Defence, integrating systems and assets from various industrial and research labs partners across EU, under a common System of Systems solution developed by IIT.
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