Startups / Spin-offs

IIT researchers participate in spin-off and start-up initiatives for the exploitation of research results. These initiatives are:




LANGaware is a health & deep tech company, founded by SKEL post-doctoral researcher Dr. Vassiliki Rentoumi, in the context of the iASiS project. The spin-off company has created the LangAware app, an application that uses Artificial Intelligence to predict neurodegenerative diseases (such as Alzheimer’s) by detecting and monitoring digital biomarkers based on language and speech. LANGaware was awarded first prize at Ennovation 2019 Awards and also managed to raise investment from Metavallon VC.





SciFY develops cutting-edge information technology systems utilizing research outcomes and freely offers them to all, in order to solve real-life problems. SciFY uses expertise in artificial intelligence and other technologies, and a strong network of collaborators (universities, research institutes, NGOs and companies) to collaboratively produce new solutions. SciFY has developed NewSum technology for multilingual and multi-document summarization. NewSum, is the world’s first application to create automatic news summaries from many sources. SciFY has received the Islands of Quality 2013 award from the President of the Hellenic Republic.


Linked Business is a platform that provides targeted information on entrepreneurship and public money based on official open data sources. It provides analytical and decision-making tools for Greek companies, across all market segments, to discover and understand market trends, potential customers and competition. The current service is targeted to sales and marketing managers as well as financial advisers and business and investment evaluators. Linked Business that was created following research projects of the Institute, was the winner of the 9th NBG Business Seeds award in 2019.


Purebills has developed business document image analysis tools for the recognition of invoices and receipts. The company provides innovative eInvoicing (Sales & Spend), eReceipting and ePayments cloud Solutions and Services. Purebills was Established in Melbourne Australia in 2010 and launched in 2017 after years of development of their core OCR technology, Augmented Intelligence engine and web and mobile platforms. In August 2017 Purebills was selected by Amazon Web Services to participate in the prestigious aws activate program for start-ups.


SCIO uses Big Data Analytics in Food Systems. The company leverages a wide range of technical and methodological expertise, towards providing innovative, world-leading, bespoke services that morph data into meaningful answers. SCIO builds data-driven capabilities for monitoring, prediction, decision support, risk assessment, digital transformation and research data discovery.


Syndesis is transferring to the market IIT’s eΗealth unit research results. The company offers eHealthcare applications for individuals and professionals, assists companies to integrate e-health and knowledge management products in their portfolios, conducts cutting-edge research and develops proprietary technology to enable access to quality healthcare services by all.


i-sieve  delivers cutting-edge sentiment analysis technologies. Through highly sophisticated techniques i-sieve identifies and extracts comments that are relevant to questions asked by companies and classifies them as being either positive, negative, neutral or balanced. i-sieve Technologies are able to discount references that are irrelevant and therefore provide companies with real relevant data.



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