The Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications (IIT) is characterised by its focus on Intelligent Computing and Networking, ranging from network equipment and communication protocols, to multimodal content analysis with Artificial Intelligence techniques, and, finally, the application of integrated solutions in multiple applications fields. IIT heavily invests on research around Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, 5G networks, with significant results on each field. Its close ties with industrial stakeholders and particularly innovative start-ups and spinoffs of Lefkippos Technology Park further facilitate the rapid incorporation of research results in products and services with huge financial and social impact. However, an even more important aspect of IIT’s evolution is its major strategic decision to act as the epicenter of Demokritos’ plan for fully embracing AI and data-driven science for its scientific activities. IIT has already established synergies with other Demokritos institutes, where ICT technologies have been exploited in different domains (energy, environment, security, etc.) through various research projects, especially during 2018.


Dr. Vangelis Karkaletsis is the Director of the Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications at NCSR “Demokritos” since February 2019 and headed the Software & Knowledge Engineering Lab (SKEL) at IIT until December 2019.

His research interests are in the areas of content analysis, big data management, knowledge representation, human-machine interaction. As coordinator, scientific and technical manager of many European and national projects he has organised international summer schools, workshops and conferences. Being responsible for the Institute’s educational activities for more than 10 years, he initiated the joint PhD scholarship program with several Universities abroad, started the new MSc in Data Science program, and launched the NCSR D educational program for primary and secondary schools. Co-founded one of the first spin-offs at NCSR Demokritos on information extraction from multimedia content, and participates in another one on document categorization and summarization which is about to be launched.

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Organisational Structure

The Institute constitutes of Divisions and Laboratories as presented in the organogram below with the management involving the Director and the Deputy Director, the Scientific Council, the Admin and Technical support unit, and the three Divisions which incorporate all of its Labs. Members of IIT staff are also participating in various committees at NCSR level, such as the Research Council, the Education Council, the Technology Park committee, and others, supporting the central management and enhancing the synergies with the other NCSR Institutes.

As the Institute is active on a broad range of research fields carried out by its Labs, it naturally follows a bottom-up management approach, in which the main driver for evaluating progress and planning for the future are the reports provided by IIT Labs.



National Plan for Open Science

The Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications at NCSR Demokritos, collaborated with the largest academic and research organisations, as well as national research infrastructures and initiatives in Greece, to draft the National Plan for Open Science, a comprehensive proposal of goals, policies, commitments and actions for the adoption of Open Science in Greece.

The National Plan for Open Science aims to serve as a reference point for national policy makers towards the establishment of a national strategy for Open Science, assist national organisations in embracing Open Science principles and ensure national alignment with the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

The National Plan for Open Science is available to download here.


ΙΙΤ fully adopts the NCSRD decision to develop and implement a detailed Gender Equality Plan (GEP)

The NCSRD decision is available to download here.

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