Welcome to the Integrated Systems Laboratory

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The "Integrated Systems Laboratory" is an axis that initially launched as a pilot program of the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications, National Center for Scientific Research "Demokritos" during the second half of 1998. Main target of the convergence and integration of IT Programs creating new pilot programs related to scientific areas that the Institute considers as areas of high future importance where it has remarkable experience in terms of either personnel expertise or internal investment, even of external funding.

Download the presentation of ISL in pdf

Main areas of ISL expertise are:

  1. Geographic Information Systems
  2. Geolocation Optimization Systems
  3. Location-based Systems & Services
  4. Indoor and outdoor localization systems
  5. Crisis management systems
  6. First responders supporting systems
  7. Security systems in real or virtual environments
  8. Biometric and non-biometric ID verification systems and applications
  9. Assisted-Living Systems
  10. 3-D Visualization & virtual reality systems
  11. Crowd behavior modeling & simulation systems

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