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VeryEasy is a BioAPI/BSP fully compliant biometric software platform for large-scale Biometric Access Control Systems, with the following basic operational features:

  • BioAPI compliant
  • Personal Data Protection Legislation compliant
  • High system availability
  • Online communication with centralised web-based ticket distribution system
  • Advanced security capabilities
  • High system robustness
  • Flexible customisation

The VeryEasy platform was developed for addressing the concerns of the athletic events industryin secure physical access to stadiums for atheletes, spectators, and VIPs.

The VeryEasy platform consists of the following components:

  • The VeryEasy control centre. This consists of the Communication Server, the Biometric Devices Network Server, the Administration Tools, and theLocal Database Administration
  • The VeryEasy registration clients
  • The VeryEasy local database system

The implementation of the VeryEasy platform is illustrated in the following figure

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