ISL publications

Number of publications: 80

  • Tassos Kanellos, Adam Doulgerakis, Eftichia Georgiou, Vassilios I. Kountouriotis, Manolis Paterakis, Stelios C. A. Thomopoulos, National Ctr. for Scientific Research Demokritos (Greece); Theodora Pappou, Socrates I. Vrahliotis, Thrasos Rekouniotis, Byron Protopsaltis, SOFiSTiK Hellas S.A. (Greece); Ofir Rozenberg, Ofer Livneh, Elbit Systems Ltd. (Israel) , "PYRONES: Pyro-modeling and evacuation simulation system", v. 9842, (abstract), (,
  • Stelios C. A. Thomopoulos, Christina Karafylli, Maria Karafylli, Dionysis Motos, Vassilis Lampropoulos, Kostantinos Dimitros, Christos Margonis, "WayGoo: a platform for geolocating and managing indoor and outdoor spaces", v. 9842, (abstract), (,
  • Vassilios I. Kountouriotis, Manolis Paterakis, Stelios C. A. Thomopoulos, "iCrowd: agent-based behavior modeling and crowd simulator ", v. 9842, (abstract), (,
  • Stelios C. A. Thomopoulos, Dimitris M. Kyriazanos, Alkiviadis Astyakopoulos, Kostantinos Dimitros, Christos Margonis, Giorgos Konstantinos Thanos, "OCULUS fire: a control and command system for fire management with crowd sourcing and social media interconnectivity", v. 9842, (abstract), (,
  • Dimitris M. Kyriazanos, Andreas Zalonis, Olga E. Segou, Stelios C. A. Thomopoulos, "FlySec: a risk-based airport security management system based on security as a service concept", v. 9842, (abstract),
  • Giorgos Konstandinos Thanos, Stelios C. A. Thomopoulos, "WayGoo recommender system: personalized recommendations for events scheduling, based on static and real-time information ", v. 9842, (abstract), (,
  • Giorgos Konstandinos Thanos, Christina Karafylli, Maria Karafylli, Apostolis Papadimitriou, Kostantinos Dimitros, Dimitris M. Kyriazanos, Stelios C. A. Thomopoulos, "SYNAISTHISI: an IoT-powered smart visitor management and cognitive recommendations system", v. 9842, (abstract), (,
  • Stelios C. A. Thomopoulos, Adam Doulgerakis, Maria Bessa, Konstantinos Dimitros, Betty Evangelinou, Giorgos Farazis, Eftichia Georgiou, Tassos Kanellos, Christina Karafylli, Maria Karafylli, Dimitris M. Kyriazanos, Vassilios I. Kountouriotis, Vassilis Lampropoulos, Christos Margonis, Christos Maroglou, Dionisis Motos, Alexandra Papagianni, Manolis Paterakis, Dafni Polyzos, Katerina Skroumpelou, Giorgos Konstandinos Thanos, Ino-Eleni Theodorou, Christina Phobe Thomopoulos, Panagiotis Tsimpiridis, Dimitris Zacharakis, Andreas Zalonis, "DICE: Digital Immersive Cultural Environment in Education and Collaborative Working", (abstract),
  • Christina Phoebe Thomopoulos, Giorgos Farazis, Panagiotis Tsimpiridis, Ino-Eleni Theodorou, Alexandra Papagianni, Christos Maroglou, Maria Bessa, Eirini Papadopoulou, Eleonora Doukoudakis and Stelios C. A. Thomopoulos, "Archaeological Workout - Boundaries and Borders: Where are the limits of Knossos? ", (abstract),
  • Sotiris A. Kanellopoulos, Stavros Katsoulis, Dionysis Motos, Vassilis Lampropoulos, Chris Margonis, Kostantinos Dimitros and Stelios C. A. Thomopoulos , "OCULUS Sea™ INTEGRATED MARITIME SURVEILLANCE", v. 9474, (abstract),

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