Wireless Communications Laboratory

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The Wireless Communications Laboratory (WiCom) constitutes (since 2002) the continuation of the Mobile Communications Laboratory which was founded at the end of 80's. The research and development activities of the WiCom Laboratory are oriented to radio propagation theoretical aspects and measurements as well as to performance analysis and evaluation of wireless communication systems from electromagnetic radiation and system's air-interface point of view. The explosive growth in the use of wireless communications systems brings the need for more efficient operation of the transmission/reception units of communication terminals (handsets) as well as the need to reduce the exposure of the human body to the RF electromagnetic (EM) radiation. These needs motivate our research activities. Moreover the R&D objectives of the WiCom include also the detailed knowledge of the propagation channel in various communication environments, the development of adaptive and/or reconfigurable transmission techniques, as well as the use of new techniques, e.g. MIMO, to increase the information transmission rates and optimize the bandwidth efficiency.

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