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FRONT | FutuRe cOmmunication NeTworks

FutuRe cOmmunication NeTworks (FRONT) Research Group is activated within the Media Networks Lab (MNL) of Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications of NCSR Demokritos.

FutuRe cOmmunication NeTworks are expected to be characterised by softwarisation, which refers to the transition of network functions from conventional hardware-based solutions to software-based ones. This evolution provides a variety of enabling technologies for flexibility and programmability, which enriches the provision and development of innovative vertical services.

FRONT research group activities revolve around 5 pillars:

  1. Automated 6G/5G experimentation methodologies for KPI/KVI assessment
  2. 6G/5G Network Openness and Native AI for Vertical industries
  3. Novel Distributed Architectures for future communication networks,
  4. IoT-Edge-Cloud Continuum and Service Mesh,
  5. 6G/5G-driven V2X, UGVs, UAVs and XR use-cases

This research group participates in the following H2020 and Horizon Europe projects:

  • Horizon Europe/SNS Stream-C 6G-SANDBOX [FRONT Research Group role: 6G-SANDBOX Athens Platform Leader]
  • Horizon Europe/Data CL4-2021-DATA-01-05 AerOS [FRONT Research Group role: Technical Manager]
  • H2020/5G-PPP ICT-41 EVOLVED-5G [FRONT Research Group role: Technical Manager/5G Athens Platform Leader]
  • H2020/5G-PPP ICT-19 5G!DRONES [FRONT Research Group role: 5G Athens Platform Leader]
  • H2020/5G-PPP ICT-17 5GENESIS [FRONT Research Group role: Deputy coordinator]


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