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ID-IS | Intelligent Data-Intensive Systems

Nowadays, production and utilisation of large data volumes is ubiquitous. Multiple scientific domains, such as environmental sciences, remote sensing, etc., produce large-scale datasets useful in other scientific, social and technological domains. Expecting domain experts or policy makers to create efficient solutions for data-intensive research is not practical. At the same time, AI is emerging as a major enabler when it comes to utilisation and democratisation of data. ID-IS undertakes research that lies in the wider area of AI, focusing on the use of intelligent e-infrastructures, deep learning, data-intensive computing or big data solutions in order to support cross-disciplinary scientific applications and research.

ID-IS members have participated in various H2020 and national projects, e.g. BigDataEurope, DARE, IS-ENES3, AI4EU, AI4Copernicus, Fair4Fusion, EuroCC and others.

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