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RoboSKEL | Robotics Activity

Roboskel aims at building robots that can be actually integrated into our society. Our work revolves around three pillars: a) Developing ethical-by-design methods for AI robots; b) Pursuing real-world and real-time performance; and c) Exchanging knowledge with the society. 

Roboskel develops the robot capabilities needed for socially-aware robotic behavior, including (a) awareness of the human collaborators’ actions and intentions in common workspaces, (b) transparent robot actions, (c) collaborative learning and (d) navigation and motion planning for safely and fluently sharing space with humans.

We evaluate our methods in real-time, physical world test scenarios and we use ROS to deploy οur methods on different robots, including UGVs, arms, and, more recently, UAVs. We value our long experience in ROS-based prototype development as it allows us to both benefit from and contribute to the wealth of robotics software components available for ROS. This places us in a position where our long research experience is combined with the practical skills that turn ideas into innovative solutions.


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