USA National Academy of Education Study Prepared by Columbia University included a Net Media Lab Paper

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Our paper:

Drigas, A., and Vrettaros, J., "An intelligent tool for building e-learning content-material using natural language in digital libraries",

was included last year (2013) in:

USA National Academy of Education, Background Study, prepared by Columbia University, under the title «Αdaptive Educational Technologies and Educational Research: Opportunities, Analyses, and Infrastructure Needs». 2013. Suppored by Pearson Foundation.

The paper was also included in 2006 in another study of an independent research body:

Gary Woodill, Ed.D., Brandon Hall Independent Research Centre, Emerging E-Learning Technologies: Tools for Developing Innovative Online Training. Dr. Woodill’s second report in the Emerging e-Learning Series, "Emerging E-Learning Technologies: Tools for Developing Innovative Online Training," covers 52 categories of new and innovative e-learning tools and Web resources that can be used to expand the possibilities for producing highly engaging online learning content. 10-2006.

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