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SciFY, Science For You, the not-for-profit organisation located at Lefkippos Park, with the support of ahedd, the digital innovation hub of NCSR Demokritos launched a new exciting initiative, with the name 1000 Pioneers for AI in Greece aiming to create an active Artificial Intelligence (AI) community in Greece which will have the knowledge and the ability to co-create human-centric Artificial Intelligence and use it to innovate.

This new vibrant AI community will consist of 1000 new persons who will be trained through an innovative program thus creating a network to mobilise collaborations in key sectors of the economy and society using the latest technological developments.

The ultimate aim of the project is the configuration and exploitation of AI technology and to increase the impact in everyday life and the economy, to familiarise the public with AI, to develop new professionals and to shape a better future for all.

If you are an entrepreneur, a policy maker, a scientist, an NGO-officer, you are working in technology or in education and you are interested in AI, register here to be considered to be amongst the 1000 AI pioneers in Greece.

Use hashtag #1000Pioneers4AI on social media to keep up with all updates

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