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For the month of May, in the series of monthly business talks titled AI Industry Connect Talks we hosted Accenture. Invited speakers, Dr Gerasimos Mileounis, ML Engineering Principal Director and Mr Andreas Georgopoulos, Machine Learning Engineering Manager delivered the talk: MLOps in the High Tech Industry.

Watch the video of the talk:

Abstract of the talk: The ability to connect an enterprise’s internal (e.g CRM, ERP) and external (e.g Web) data points to create a single, unified, and enhanced view of the customer profile (e.g Contact/Person Data, Org/Company Data) is a key challenge for B2B organisations. Entity Resolution (ER) focuses on the creation of such systematic linkages between these disparate data records, via the adaptation of AIML methodologies and frameworks, which analyse and resolve relationships through complex networks of people, organisations, and places.

In real life applications, the quality of the acquired data is often inadequate, due to data incompleteness (partial data), redundancy (overlapping data), inconsistency (conflicting data) or incorrectness (data errors). Furthermore, the Big Data characteristics impose constraints, in terms of volume, variety, velocity and veracity. Data sources are known to constantly increase in content, showcase heterogeneity, and are dynamically changing with differing quality. During this seminar, we will be taking a closer look at a novel approach for AI based stewardship and Entity Resolution, which aims at tackling the aforementioned issues in a real-world application scenario. Our strategy will primarily include mainly the process of matching records stored at the same (deduplication) or different (record linkage) data sources.

Gerasimos Mileounis is a Machine Learning Engineering Principal Director. He has been working at Accenture for the past 9 years, helping large organisations transform, adopting advanced big data analytics techniques, intelligent automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence. He has previously worked as a researcher for many academic institutions (including the University of Athens, the National Observatory of Athens, Harvard University) and holds a PhD in nonlinear signal processing from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Andreas Georgopoulos is a Machine Learning Engineering Manager. He has been working in the global department of Applied Intelligence since 2017 and specialises in the development of solutions and technologies of machine learning, data management, automation and artificial intelligence, with applications in international organisations of various disciplines. Andreas is a graduate of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens and he has completed his postgraduate studies in Business Analytics at Imperial College Business School.

Accenture is a world-leading consulting firm with cutting-edge capabilities in digital, cloud and security. Combining strong experience and specialised skills in more than 40 domains of the economy, we offer complete solutions in the fields of strategy and consulting, interactive services, technology and business operations, utilising the largest network of Advanced Technology Centres.

Our 674,000 executives implement day-to-day projects based on the interaction of technology and human ingenuity, serving customers in more than 50 countries. As Accenture, we embrace the power of change with the goal of creating value and shared success for customers, employees, shareholders, partners and society.

In Greece, Accenture has been active for the last 30 years and employs more than 1,000 executives in Athens and Thessaloniki, being one of the largest companies in terms of management and technology consulting. The development of our work over time translates into a strong recruitment plan, which exceeds 250 people annually.

Learn more about Accenture here.


The AI Industry Connect Talks series was launched in March 2021 by SKEL | The Artificial Intelligence Lab, Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications at NCSR Demokritos and is supported by ahedd Digital Innovation Hub. Through this series of talks, we aim to bring AI innovation to the forefront and inform wider audiences of the endless possibilities. Domain professionals tell us how the Industry applies scientific results in real-life.

A Q&A session follows the presentations. The sessions are live-streamed via Zoom and on YouTube.

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