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September 12, 2019

AI4EU in Athens - AI Ecosystem Development Forum - World Café: Human-Centric AI

World Café: Human-Centric AI

Topics: Philosophy & Ethics, Education & Training, Law & Policy, Workforce, Humanities

14.00 – 16.00 | World Café: Human-Centric AI | Templar’s Hall
16.30 – 17.00 | World Café reporting of results | Kalliroe Hall


Tables of 10 people are set up at the Templar’s Hall on the ground floor of the conference venue. Each table is devoted to a specific subject, with two tables per subject. For every table there is an assigned Moderator that will facilitate the discussion and a Rapporteur that will keep track of the main points of the discussion during the process.

  • Choose the topics that interest you and go to the respective table
  • Each person speaks for approximately 2 minutes
  • Every 30 minutes, at the sound of the bell, change topic-table


Table 1: Philosophy & Ethics Theodore Scaltsas, The University of Edinburgh Antonis Koukourikos, NCSR Demokritos
Table 2: Philosophy & Ethics Giorgos Giannakopoulos, NCSR Demokritos Nikiforos Pittaras, NCSR Demokritos
Table 3: Education & Training George Vouros, University of Piraeus Anastasia Krithara, NCSR Demokritos
Table 4: Education & Training Pavlos Koulouris, Ellinogermaniki Agogi Dora Katsamori, NCSR Demokritos
Table 5: Law & Policy Alexandros Nousias, NCSR Demokritos Stella Oikouta, NCSR Demokritos
Table 6: Law & Policy Alexandros Sarivalasis, NCSR Demokritos Marina Markellou, NCSR Demokritos
Table 7: Workforce Dimitris Kalles, Hellenic Open University Dio Giantsiou, NCSR Demokritos
Table 8: Workforce Xenia Ziouvelou, NCSR Demokritos Iraklis Vogiatzis, University of Athens
Table 9: Humanities Manolis Patiniotis, University of Athens Lida Arnellou, NCSR Demokritos
Table 10: Humanities Vassilis Katsouros, Athena Research & Innovation Center Ino Tafa, NCSR Demokritos
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