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July 1, 2021

BioHIT eTalk | The MedHub Athens initiative

The BioHIT group of SKEL | The AI Lab organises an online talk on Wednesday 7 July at 14.00, entitled The MedHub Athens initiative.

Short description

MedHub Athens is an initiative created by greek medical students with the purpose of expanding greek medical student community’s knowledge over the ever-growing field of Βiomedical Εngineering. Combining the process of BME educational research with that of acquiring technical skills, we aim at breaching the gap between engineering and the medical/clinical approach, so that we, as medical students, can have an active say in all these breakthroughs, stemming from the amalgamation of these two sciences which are occurring more and more every day.

Invited speakers

Danae-Georgia Sakelliadou, Eirini Stratigakou-Polychronaki, Philippos Mousouris, Dioni Petsiou, Vassiliki Kalyva and Maria Avagianou



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