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A Institution Database to be developed in line with the Business People in Green Dialogue, a project of eHealth Unit & Knowledge ManagementCIL. The project aims to develop a database of relevant partners, including links and information, related to the project issue. The coordinator will implement this process, and partners will add institutions and organizations to the database.
The database will be disseminated globally, highlighting good practices implemented by NGOs, public and private sectors, and individual entrepreneurs. Newcomers, such as GAGİAD, Chambers of Commerce, Municipalities, and Chambers of Industry, have opportunities to support businesswomen and entrepreneurs. The methodology will use the coordinator’s infrastructure to provide a digital area under the project website, linking to the coordinator’s and partners’ official websites. This will provide guidance and infrastructure opportunities for potential entrepreneur women, fostering collaboration and promoting gender equality in business issues.

The activity aims to create a centralized database for project target group members, reducing time and money for newcomer institutions to promote and disseminate their activities. This joint venture will support cooperation, transform information to digitalism, and provide newcomer women with opportunities. The process will become more institutional.

The target group are newcomers and increase awareness and support for women in the VET process. Institutions and organizations will benefit from the database, which will help them find suitable opportunities and support their awareness.

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