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The project “Second Chance for Colibri Birds: Empowering and Increasing Capabilities of Women” announced to have began implementation in 5 partner countries.

The opening virtual meeting was realised with the participation of the project’s partners KADEM, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality GASMEK, and SEGED from Turkey; The National Centre for Scientific Research Demokritos from Greece, Vai Avante Association from Portugal, Mobilizing Expertise from Sweden, and CIVIC from the UK.

The Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications, NCSR Demokritos, participates with Computational Intelligence Laboratory (CIL) having the role of contributing to the creation of a Distance Learning Platform for Empowering Women. NCSR Demokritos will also created a training video under the name ‘Basic Entrepreneurship For Women’.

The main objective point of the project is to support and empower women on the basis of co-operatives and civil society and the development of inter-institutional social dialogue. The project also emphasises the importance of women’s inclusion in the workforce, one of the most important actors in shaping the future. Serious researches are needed in order to improve the current situation in terms of women’s participation in economic life, overcoming social ruptures and women’s participation in the workforce. In this context, the project is at a level to meet this need and touches to life. Within the scope of the project policies related to raising awareness will be developed for women taking part in the civil society process and non-governmental organisations working for women.

Read the press release of the project in English and Greek.


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