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The Distance Learning Platform for Empowering Women is a digital platform that was created according to the intellectual outcomes (IO2) of Colibri Women, a project of eHealth Unit & Knowledge Management, CIL. The platform will serve as an accessible resource for remote learning addresed to adult learners in NGOs and cooperatives.

The project Colibri Women focuses on empowering women in economic life, developing psycho-social support, socializing self-esteem, and ensuring sustainability of the “Second Chance” capability module through a distance learning platform.
The project targets women aged 18-64, disadvantaged and lowly proficient, who are part of non-governmental organizations or cooperatives. Non-governmental organizations bridge social life, economic life, and integration, providing opportunities for women to organize, participate in business, and access social services.

According to the Intellectual Output 2, a fundamental value of Pathway Skills for adult education is supporting digital capabilities, resulting the integration of the Intellectual Output 1 into this platform. The training that is currently being provided in person, will be supported by IO2 built on information and communication technologies (ICT tool).

The platform contains videos from:

1)Integration of Women to Labour Market: The video content focus on women integration in the labour market, at economic, political, social and sport level.
2)Increasing Women Skills For Social and Professional Integration: The video will present a tutorial for identify transversal and soft skills and show how they are essential for women at risk of social exclusion to become and remain an active part of the society.
3)Gathering New Job Opportunities for Women: This video will show us the potential “jobs gained” and “jobs changed” and also sign us that women, will need to be skilled, mobile, and tech savvy to adapt to the new world of work.

1)Basic Entrepreneurship for Women: The video will also present up to 10 inspiring female entrepreneurs in Greece and Turkey that will share their stories of how they overcame barriers and took their businesses to the next level and will provide best advice to Women that wish to become Entrepreneurs.
2)Basic Friendly ICT: The video will guide the women through the basics of information and communication technologies that can help them.

1)Entreprenurial Values for Women: We will focus on work values initiative, achievement, and respect and how they positively correspond with entrepreneurship and will conclude about how values influence a woman’s decision to become an entrepreneur.
2)Interculturally Rich Women: The video will focus on ways of investing in cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue and how intercultural dialogue can pave the way for more inclusive societies.

United Kingdom:
1)Internet Of Thıngs For All – A Practitioners Approach: Introduction to the world of IoT, examples of IoT devices, evolution of IoT, hwo IoT is changing our lives, what to expect, IoT in practice, using IoT safely, and professional profiles, successful women in IoT”
2)Digital Upskilling Women: The content of this video will depend on “Problem solving, digital content creation, communication and collaboration, safety, information and data literacy”.

1)Social Supports and Public Access: The aim of this training is to ensure that the women who make up the target group have more information about the opportunities provided to them, and to make the most appropriate guidance for them.



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