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This year the Delphi Economic Forum titled Changing Global Dynamics – Greece Leading into a New Era” was held on Tuesday 30 November in Athens.

Dr Vangelis Karkaletsis, Director of the Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications (IIT) at NCSR Demokritos said:

“I am a researcher in the AI field. The advancements in the sector are truly remarkable and now, we able to realize the real outcomes of the digital transformation in our country.” “We seem to be ahead of the game now that numerous opportunities have arisen. We witnessed it during the pandemic, and specifically through the technology supporting the vaccination process.”, he added. Businesses should invest in training and educating their workforce, either when it comes to technological advancements, such as AI, or programs, covering a wider educational basis.


Amongst the round table participants were Orestis Tsakalotos, Executive Chairman of QUALCO Group, Stephan Mergenthaler, Head of Strategic Intelligence of World Economic Forum, Alexis Patelis, Chief Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister, Olaf Kjelsen, Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation in Greece, Nikos Vettas, President of IOBE, Ioannis Bratakos, President of ACCI and Theodoros Trifon, President of Panhellenic Pharmaceuticals Union.


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