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Several articles of the Net Media Lab & Mind-Brain R&D of IIT have been included in distinctive documents and reports. More specifically, the distinctions are as follows:


The article An expert system for job matching of the unemployed has been included in a European Union’s Horizon Research and Innovation Programme’s Report titled Report on commonly used algorithms and their performance that emphasises on the development and promotion of human resources in the labour market.



The article ICTs in special education: A review has been included in a Strategic Policy Report of the Ministry of Education of Saint Lucia about ICT in Education, and was facilitated by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Canada. COL is an intergovernmental organisation created by the Commonwealth Heads of Government to promote the development and sharing of open learning and distance education knowledge, resources, and technologies.



The article Online and other ICT-based Assessment Tools for Problem-solving Skills has been included in one Readiness Project document titled Thriving, Robust Equity, and Transformative Learning & Development – A More Powerful Conceptualization of the Contributors to Youth Success, supported by the USA Forum for Youth Investment, the USA National Urban League and the American Institutes for Research.





The studies A new layered model on emotional intelligence and The Use of Big Data in Education have been included in a UNESCO Strategic Policy Plan titled Schools of the Future, which proposes a model of flexible, portable, individualized lifelong learning for all, supported by artificial intelligence and big data, and incorporating community collaboration, in order to support individual growth within sustainable societies.

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