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The kick-off meeting of the strategic partnership DRONES@STEAM was organised online by Net Media Lab on Friday 3 June 2022. The DRONES@STEAM is an Erasmus+ project on vocational education and training (VET) standing for Fostering digital transformation in VET schools and creating new job prospects in the labour market.

Drone technology stands out as fun and practical equipment for contemporary classrooms, experiments, and exploration. Drone technology is a fascinating way to introduce students to STEM-related professions, equip them with relevant skills and thus cover the gaps reported in the labour market to meet the new job creation arising. DRONES@STEAM project will support VET trainers and educators in an attempt to strengthen their profiles with the acquisition of new skills, the development of targeted material, and the collection of tools and resources, while at the same time it will create opportunities for linking VET schools with the labour market building on synergies and partnerships with established organizations.

The key competencies to be promoted as part of the project are high digital skills which appear to be missing from VET curricula and are currently needed to enter the labour market and be included in VET job profiles targeting ‘wide and deep’ digital competencies and the use of technologies leading to the 4.0 industry and job-specific VET related skills for various fields and sectors which are not offered as work-based learning opportunities or include danger or hazards for the workers.

Learn more about the event here.

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