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The Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications recently hosted a successful “First Aid for Citizens” training program in collaboration with the Hellenic Red Cross. Conducted on 14-15 May and 22-23 May , this initiative was spearheaded by the Institute’s Human Resources Unit and aimed at equipping staff with vital first aid skills.

We are proud to announce that over 40 employees participated in this comprehensive training. The Institute’s commitment to employee well-being and safety is demonstrated through such valuable initiatives. We extend our gratitude to everyone involved in organizing and facilitating this important program.

The training was delivered by certified trainers from the Samaritan, Rescuer, and Lifeguard Sector of the Hellenic Red Cross, specializing in “First Aid and CPR/AED Training.”
The programme included the following sections:

–  Introduction – Basic Principles of First Aid
– Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
– Hemorrhages and Wounds
– Emergency Situations
– Evaluation

Participants who completed the program will receive a Training Certificate, valid for five years, attesting to their newly acquired skills. The primary goal of this initiative is to enable our staff to provide effective and safe assistance in any emergency until professional emergency services arrive.

The program lasted 12 hours over two days, providing in-depth training and practical experience. This initiative reflects the Institute’s dedication to fostering a safe and prepared workplace environment.

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