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September 25, 2014

Four (4) Workshops by IIT within the 2nd Hellenic Forum for Science, Innovation and Technology

  • May 18, 2024 till May 18, 2024
  • NCSR "Demokritos" Congress Center

The Integrated Systems Laboratory (ISL) of the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunicatios organized with great success three Workshops within the framework of the 2nd Hellenic Forum for Science, Innovation and Technology at the NCSR “Demokritos” Congress Center in Athens, Greece.
Click here to visit the webpage with all the presentations from the 3 Workshops.
Following the general concept of the Forum, which was to enhance interaction and explore new paths between the Research Centers and the Industry, ISL focused on 3 main areas of interest:
1. Immersive Tourism,
2. Safety and Security and
3. Oil & Gas.
It was a great honour to welcome the presence of a great number of keynote speakers who interacted exceptionally with the highly engaging audience. The presentations and the discussions emerged by the topics of each speaker lead to great conclusions and disruptive ideas for the future.
During the first workshop, on the 1st of July 2014, Dr. Stelios C. A. Thomopoulos, Director of the Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications at NCSR Demokritos, and Dr. Costas S. Mitropoulos, Executive Director of PwC talked about the research ecosystems and economic growth introducing a new era for the Greek Tourism.
During the second workshop, on the 3rd of July 2014, which was facilitated by the Director of IIT Dr. Stelios C. A. Thomopoulos, Security and Safety issues were addressed by the following speakers:
– Prof. John S. Baras University of Maryland College Park, USA & Royal Institute of Technology KTH, Sweden,
– Dr. Ben Ale, Professor Emeritus in Safety Science and Disaster Abatement, Thechnical University Delft, Netherlands,
– Dr. Achilles G. Adamantiades Academic Researcher, consultant in the field of energy (World Bank, European Union Commision, US Government and private sector),
– MD Fasiul Alam, Prisma Electronics SA,
– Dr. Margaret Segou, GeoAzur/CNRS,
– Prof. Ginger Watson, Old Dominion University, USA,
– Dr. Vassilis Kountouriotis, Research Associate, ISL, IIT, NCSR “Demokritos”,
– Dr. Fivos Andritsos, European Commission , Joint Research Center (JRC),
– Lt. Commander Dr. George Kanderakis, National contact Point (NCP), Shadow Committee Secure Societies,
– Dr. Vassilis Stamatopoulos, Technology Transfer Consultant, Praxi Network.
– Dr. Stelios C. A. Thomopoulos, Director of IIT, Head of ISL.
During the third workshop, on the 4th of July 2014,
– Dr. Aristofanis Stefatos, Technology Director of Atlantic Petroleum Norge, gave some Oil & Gas industry insights to the Exploration and Production Sector,
– Dr. George Vardoulias, Research Associate ISL, IIT , NCSR “Demokritos” and Dr. Stelios C. A. Thomopoulos followed with a presentation addressing challenges and research opportunities in specific areas,
– Dr. Eythymios Tartaras, Data processing & Modeling Manager, Schlumberger’ s Integrated EM Center of Excellence, Dr. Marios S. Katsiotis, Dr. Saeed Alhassan and Dr. George Papavasilliou completed the first round of discussions,
– Dr. Vassilios C.Kelessidis, Professor and Program Chair Petroleum Engineering Department, Texas A&M University at Qatar,
– Dr. Christos Chatzichristos, Research Associate NCSR Demokritos,
– Dr. Paschalis Alexandridis, Distinguished Professor,
– Dr. Maria Tsianou, Assistant Professor University at Buffalo – The State University of New York and, last but not least,
– Dr. Alex Papalexopoulos, the CEO and Founder of ECCO International San Francisco.
The 4th Workshop, on the 4th of July 2014, was on Agricultural & Food safety datasets and semantic technologies, and was organized by the Software & Knowledge Engineering Lab (SKEL) and AgroKnow, a company specializing in knowledge management practices and services, promoting research and innovation in the agricultural domain.

Visit the website of the Forum to find the Presentations of all guests and speakers videotaped speeches on the site of the Bodosaki Lectures on Demand (BLOD) on the Agricultural & Food safety datasets and semantic technologies Workshop

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