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June 29, 2020

ΙΙΤ organised the webinar AI: Institutional Framework & Ethics | Thursday 2 July | 17.00

The month of July is dedicated by IIT to Artificial Intelligence (AI). In that context, IIT in collaboration with the not-for-profit organisation SciFY organised the webinar entitled Artificial Intelligence: Institutional Framework & Ethics on Thursday 2 July at 17.00. More than 90 participants attended the online event, which is available to view below.

Speakers in the discussion include Dr. Xenia Ziouvelou, IIT’s Researcher & Innovation Officer who introduced us to the international institutional strategic framework regarding AI, through her speech: “Artificial Intelligence: Ethical & Strategic Perspectives”.

Moreover, Dr. Lilian Mitrou, Professor at the University of the Aegean and President of the Institute for Privacy Law, Data Protection and Technology (European Public Law Organisation) explained AI’s legal and regulatory implications with her speech on: “The “regulation” of Artificial Intelligence or the Collingridge dilemma”.

Finally, Dr. Dimitris Kyriazanos, Researcher at IIT in his talk, “Artificial Intelligence and Security in Research: The European Approach to Innovation & Confidence” addressed how the emergence of AI, as one of the disruptive technologies, comes with significant capabilities and benefits for European citizens’ protection and security.

The program is available here  and the video is also available on Bodossaki Lectures on Demand (BLOD).

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