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December 24, 2014

IIT in Cyber Coalition Exercise 2014

NATO’s largest annual cyber defense exercise, Cyber Coalition Exercise 2014 (CC14) began on 18 November and run until 21 November, with the participation of 26 NATO Nations, as well as five Partner Nations. Dr. Olga E. Segou (NCSRD/ IIT/ Integrated Systems Laboratory), participated in Cyber Coalition Exercise as an Industry/Academia Observer in the exercise’s main site in Tartu, Estonia.
While this is a cyber defense exercise, the exercise objectives go far beyond items such as malware analysis and other strictly technical challenges to large-scale operational objectives such as ensuring that NATO has the ability to ensure the uninterrupted flow of information in a contested cyber environment. This exercise challenges nations to use collaborative tools to share information in order to overcome technical challenges as rapidly as possible. Exercise objectives for this exercise are to advise decision-making, exercise coordination between NATO bodies and national cyber defense capabilities, including partner nations, information sharing challenge collective technical capabilities.

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