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The focus of the Open Athens LL (Living Lab) is to work with government and local government agencies both to take decisions and define strategies for opening up data that can be used creatively by organisations or individuals to create services (commercial or not) in order to transform through co-design schemes involving final users the existing way of delivering services. Major goals are to provide support to innovative young entrepreneurs in developing new added-value services based on open data as well as to enhance citizen engagement in the improvement of everyday life.
A cyclic interaction will exist between citizens, public and local administration and businesses:

Citizens, businesses, or new entrepreneurs will ask public agencies to open data.
The public and local government agencies will provide permission under an appropriate process and license (where applicable and possible), taking into account the national legislation about sensitive and confidential data.
Organisations or individuals will use these data in innovative applications. In this way demand will be created for opening up more datasets.

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