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The Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications participates in the Athens Science Festival 2021  being held online between 27 – 29 March 2021 this year.

In this year’s virtual edition, the Institute presents five videos which were produced in the context of projects:

  • A video demonstration from the H2020 5G Drones project with drones flight trials testing 5G services, and to validate 5G KPIs for supporting challenging use-cases. MNL | Media Networks Laboratory is a partner in the project.
  • An animated infographics video of EU H2020 IASIS project, showcasing research progress on Alzheimer’s and lung cancer diseases through the use of AI in Precision Medicine. The project was coordinated by SKEL | The AI Lab.
  • A demonstration video of EU H2020 DARE project platform aiming to provide scientific communities with a unifying hyper-platform and development context to allow for user-friendly and reproducible carrying out of huge data-driven experiments, and rapid prototyping. The project was also coordinated by SKEL | The AI Lab.
  • video on Human-Robot Collaboration representing research results of the collaboration between Robots and Humans, aiming to point out the positive impact of the usage of robots in daily life. SKEL post-doc researcher, Maria Dagioglou, who created the video, is supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Industrial Post-doc Fellowship and is co-funded by Singular Logic.
  • A video about the Social Web Observatory (SWO), a tool that monitors information diffusion across various sources, such as news sources on the Web and user-generated content (comments and posts) in the social media. The SWO is an initiative of SKEL | The AI Lab, as a founding partner of ahedd Digital Innovation Hub, and is further supported by SciFY, ahedd’s technology transfer partner.

                  Athens Science Festival’s poster, a tribute to the heroes Scientists of today

The Athens Science Festival 2021

This year, the festival is paying a tribute to some of those heroes-scientists that contributed -and still do- to the alleviation of the health crisis and its impact on our lives. ASF2021 focuses on the latest developments in the domain of Science, Technology, and Innovation but also the interrelation between Science and Art.

Learn more about the festival and explore the program here.

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