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Net Media Lab of IIT has created an Intercultural School Network aiming to promote intercultural communication among schools in Greece and the Greek communities abroad. More specifically, this network aims to promote Digital Skills, Educational Robotics, Coding, Emotional and Social Skills, as well as all the other skills under the 21st Century Skills umbrella, named Ariadne – Odysseus: Mitos and Nostos: Unwinding the Mitos, we unite all the cradles of Hellenism, indirectly achieving the nostalgia of all those who are far from home.

The following schools participate n this network:

  • Alexandria, Egypt: Averofion High School and Tositaio – Pratsikio Primary School,
  • Cairo, Egypt: Achillopouleion School, Ampetios School
  • Zographion High School of Constantinople, Turkey
  • Hellenic School of Imvros, Turkey
  • Limassol Cyprus
  • Isthmia of Corinth Primary School
  • 11th Amarousio Primary School

Subsequently, the school network aims to expand throughout Greece and to other remote Greek communities. The ultimate goal of the action is to bridge the communication between Greek students both in Greece and other communities abrod for the development of friendships.

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