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The Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications (IIT) is pleased to announce its membership in the ELIXIR-GR node. NCSR Demokritos is now a member of the Greek National Node of the ESFRI European RI ELIXIR which includes universities, research centres and technological institutions among other partners.

ELIXIR-GR is a distributed e-Infrastructure aiming at the construction of a sustainable European infrastructure for biological information. ELIXIR-GR supports life-science research and its translation to medicine, biological sciences and society. It offers a collection of unique tools, services and benchmarks, ensuring best practices as well as sustainability and interoperability with other biological and medical science infrastructures. Its goal is to bring together Europe’s laboratories and data centres to help coordinate the collection, quality control and storage of large amounts of biological data produced by life science experiments.

NCSR Demokritos has become a member of the ELIXIR-GR node with the participation of different Institutes and labs. IIT participates with SKEL Laboratory, specialising in Artificial Intelligence. SKEL has substantial expertise in the areas of information extraction, knowledge representation and inference and machine learning. The Lab has coordinated and participated in numerous National, EU and US funded projects. In addition, SKEL is the core research unit of NCSR Demokritos’ Digital Innovation Hub (DIH), Ahedd – Attica Hub for the Economy of Data and Devices. AHEDD aims at the development, orchestration and sustainment of an open digital innovation ecosystem that is cross-thematic (AI, Big Data Management, IoT) and seeks to maximise cross-dimensional, strategic impact. In ELIXIR-GR, two groups of SKEL will participate, namely the Biomedical and Health Informatics Team (BioHIT) and the Data Engineering Group (DEG) that research in the aforementioned fields and create relevant tools and services.

In addition to IIT, NCSR Demokritos participates with two more Institutes:

Calling all interested Labs in NCSR Demokritos to join the Greek National Node and be part of this community. For further information please contact Dr. Anastasia Krithara, akrithara [at]

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