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  • June 17, 2024 till June 17, 2024
  • The Hellenic Parliament

NOMAD aims to exploit the vast amount of information and insights available throughout Web 2.0 content and introduce it in multiple stages of the policy-making lifecycle to support the definition of the political agenda, the creation, the implementation and the monitoring of policy proposals. To this end, NOMAD will provide decision-makers with automated solutions for content search, selection, acquisition, categorization and visualisation that work in a collaborative form in the policy-making arena.
In the context of NOMAD, IIT will contribute its expertise in knowledge representation and will define the formal data model for creating and storing a machine-readable conceptualisation of policies and their connection to domain concepts. It will also lead the development of an authoring environment for policy building.
Furthermore, IIT –with its experience on linguistic analysis- will lead the activities of information extraction, argument matching and sentiment analysis on web content in order to obtain an accurate view of the public stance (or the stance of groups with specific characteristics) against the policies proposed by the policy makers.
NOMAD Focus Group in the Hellenic Parliament
The NOMAD project organized a focus group meeting with the participation of members of the Hellenic Parliament and its Scientific Committees, policy advisors and Greek NGOs. The meeting was held in the premises of the Hellenic Parliament, 22-24 Amalias Avenue, Athens, Greece on the 17th Septemper 2012.
During the focus group, the NOMAD concept was introduced and its related technologies were demonstrated to people involved in policy making procedures. Through the discussion and the questionnaires filled in by the audience, it was aimed to gain useful insights regarding users’ needs for the development of NOMAD tools.

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