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In this seminar, Prof. Yiannis Vardaxoglou from Loughborough University, UK, will introduce the concept and uses of Meta-Atoms in Electromagnetic metamaterials. 3D-printed multi-layered metamaterials with different periodicities of the metallic rectangular meso scale cuboid inclusions, termed here as meta-atoms. Potentially, these meta-atoms could be varied in constitution and geometry to augment a variety of artificial magnetodielectric properties. The periodicity indicates the spaces between adjacent elements. The effect of the space on the effective EM properties is examined by placing the 3D-printed samples in a waveguide or on a resonator. Some of these structures have been applied in engineering applications such as antennas and microwave lenses.
Speaker Bio
Yiannis Vardaxoglou is the Head of the Wireless Communications Research Group (WiCR) at Loughborough University, UK researching wide-ranging topics applicable to cutting-edge wireless communications technology. His research focuses primarily on metamaterial structures for antennas, microwave and mm-wave engineering, with income >£10M (300 publications). He has authored several book chapters and a pioneering book on Frequency Selective Surfaces. WiCR collaborates with many internationally leading companies and universities and is home to the internationally renowned Loughborough Antennas & Propagation Conference (currently in its 14th year).
During the last 10 years he is leading research and educational cooperation activities with the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications of NCSR “Demokritos”, where currently he is a visiting researcher.
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