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The eHealth and Knowledge Management Unit of CIL Lab, participated in two workshops with its projects, RemoteCARE and HealthNET on 8 and 17 June 2021 respectively. The workshops were organised by the lead partners, the Municipality of Oreokastro and the Municipality of Heraklion. All electronic applications that have been implemented to be used by doctors in Bulgaria and Greece, were presented in the framework of the RemoteCARE project, and in the Republic of Northern Macedonia and in Greece, in the framework of the HealthNET project. Both of the developed applications aim to:

  • take measurements on patients anywhere
  • record them electronically
  • access them remotely, at any time
  • have a visual representation of patients’ measurements and monitor their health indicators with graphs and lists of data

Doctors have used mobile devices (laptops, smartphones, or tablets) with the applications installed and can enroll new patients and record patient vital signs. These applications help the specialised staff of the Municipality (medical and nursing staff, carers and help at home) to manage and remotely care for patients who are at home either because they have infectious diseases such as Covid-19 or because they are unable to move easily, and often, to health structures (chronic patients, the elderly, etc.).

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