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September 25, 2022

Respond-A project demonstrates innovative technologies for rescue teams | MNL

The research project Respond-A with scientific responsible Dr. Anastasios Kourtis of the Media Networks Laboratory, IIT, NCSR Demokritos in collaboration with the Municipality of Egaleo, organised a demonstration of innovative technologies for rescue teams on 23 September in the heart of Athens., as the Technical Coordinator of the project, has developed the architecture of the platform, while overseeing and organizing the process of development and synergy of the project’s technologies. At the same time, it offers telecommunications infrastructure (5G) and enhanced vision capabilities in the field of the infrared spectrum.

This research project aims to develop a single platform to support rescue operations, especially under difficult circumstances. 34 partners from all over Europe (Universities, Research Institutes, companies and end users) participate in it, while a total of three demonstrations of the developing platform have been scheduled, in Greece, Cyprus and Spain.

In the demonstration organised in Athens by NCSR Demokritos in collaboration with the Municipality of Egaleo, the project platform was tested in real rescue circumstances and the participating rescuers who tested the new technologies would submit their evaluation. Two different rescue scenarios took place. In the first one, the rescue teams were asked to spot and collect a victim trapped in a damaged building after a strong earthquake, while in the second one, the rescue teams had to spot an injured victim inside a building that was on fire and there was no good visibility due to dense smoke. During the second scenario, an unexpected injury for a member of the rescue team was also simulated, which should also have been spotted and rescued.

The demonstration also included technologies such as unmanned autonomous vehicles, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, flexible business monitoring and control systems and contemporary communication and data exchange technologies.


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