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Prompted by the World Cancer Day (4 February), the Hellenic Federation for Cancer (ELLOK) organised the 5th Annual Conference ‘2021 Conquering Cancer’ which was held virtually on 4 and 5 February.

Our Institute participated with a presentation on Friday 5 February, by post-doc researcher Dr. Anastasia Krithara, SKEL Lab, who presented information from the highly successful European research project iASiS, regarding Big Data and Artificial Intelligence and how the medical sector can use them to better understand the mechanism of cancer and thus to confront the disease in a better manner. A new technology was developed in the frame of the project that accumulates valuable data from different sources, combines knowledge and concludes to useful associations, beneficial to treatment but also prevention. Through a platform that can be used by medical professionals, the patients can follow a personalised treatment based on specific integration of data and analysis, to enhance their clinical profile. Dr. Krithara concluded by pointing out the important part of the patients that must be kept in the centre of interest and in respect of the procedure.



The focus of the conference was on the development of synergies amongst Research Centres and medical companies that operate in the domain of cancer.

  • Health policies for cancer in Greece and Europe
  • Covid-19 & cancer
  • Precision oncology
  • Technology and oncology

The video from the conference is available to watch here.

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