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  • May 27, 2024 till May 27, 2024
  • Sheffield/UK
  • University of Sheffield

15-18 September: Dr Paliouras, Dr Krithara & Mr Kosmopoulos from SKEL participated in the “CLEF 2014 – Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum”, which took place in Sheffield/UK.
As part of CLEF 2014, SKEL also organized the Second BioASQ Workshop. The aim of the workshop was to push the research frontier towards systems that use the diverse and voluminous information available online to respond directly to the information needs of biomedical scientists. Workshop highlights: 1) the results of the open BioASQ challenge will be presented and awards will be given to the winners, 2) invited talk: “An Inquiry Into Question-Answering And Deep QA” by Patrick Ruch, HES-SO, Geneva.

CLEF 2014 website out more on the 2nd BioASQ Workshop

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